Title: Is Anybody Out There?

Genre: Documentary

Topics: Science, Technology, Space Odyssey

Rights: Worldwide

Year of Release: 2015


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On August 1977, the Big Ear Radiotelescope, set in Ohio for searching of extraterrestrial intelligent life,  received a strange signal from Sagittarius constellation. It has a duration of 72 seconds and an intensity 30 times higher to the usual ones. The signal, named as the WAW signal, is still being considered as one of the best candidates, among several ones received, of having being emitted by intelligent extraterrestrial life. Nevertheless, nothing has revolutioned the search of extreterrestrial intelligent life as the recent discovery by Kepler Satellite, of thousands of Earth-like planets where life could be possible.

After passing by Pluto, it will enter the Kuiper Belt, a zone holding 100000-plus miniature icy rocky worlds and the source of comets which could have brought life into Earth.

An enthralling journey to the edges of our Solar System.

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